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So instead of sending you all on a youtube hunt when you leave the salon, we decided to post our favourite online how to video right here…. duh!  Only took about a year to figure that out.  This is for heat free dolly curls in under 5 minutes using just three socks!  WHAT!?  It comes from YaYaLifestyle the girl is a damn genius.


I like the cut of his jib, I like the cut of his hair more.  Say, if anyone comes in and asks me (Andie) for this haircut in the month of May, I will give you 30% off.  Dare you!?



Sometimes, even classy broads like Karynne and I have to go to Home Depot. Keep everything up to par, we are regular ol’ Schneiders a lot of the time, you know?
Now, I know many of you are thinking that I was like “Karynne, come on! Just get in the damn shopping CARt, it’s gonna look awesome, just one photo! COME ON!”
And you are right.
You’re welcome.



New Bumble and Bumble Texture has just arrived at Bangs. And we love it so! As if we thought they could get any more kick ass, they come out with this guy! Come by and give it a try, get yourself some wicked blow dry!


Thank heavens I grew up in the days when rad looking chicks like this sang the pop songs.  Jane Child, you are my rad style memory du jour, merci!  And for those of you who would like a little trip down memory lane, CLICK IT!!