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Ray ban polarized sunglasses are intended for
discount ray bans outdoor purposes. Together with the advancement of technology, better polarized lenses are introduced. One example is, there are various configurations of polarized Ray Ban sunglasses to pick from in order that the buyer could select one which suits him one of the most. From lightly tinted to heavily tinted glasses. As well as some incorporates colour in addition. High quality lenses are embedded with smaller than average and tiny crystals that are capable of enhance overall human’s visual together with colour.

Ray Ban polarized sunglasses are horizontally aligned along with the glare of the sun. At other certain angles, they may be able to completely filter out all of the glare, or at least some of it, so the wearer will be able to see completely with the most comfort and without a lot of strain on the eyes. New ray ban sunglasses are sadly not as useful whenever the sun is lying directly overhead or close to the horizon, since the angle of the reflected light waves tend to change from this horizontal configuration.

If you are not sure of the latest fashion trends for sunglasses, picking a design from Ray Ban Designer Sunglasses can ensure that you look always in vogue. This is really helpful while you are
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The brand has specialized in offering polarized and crystal lens options. The lenses are made more attractive with an interesting use of gradient shades and unusual
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Learn About Wasteful Government Spending at the Local

Three years ago the government put billions of tax dollars into General Motors and Chrysler to keep them from going under. GM has paid back half of the $50 billion it received but now a viral video is attacking GM. It claims the company, rescued by taxpayers, is moving jobs overseas.

Blogger Vince Wade going on the attack. His Youtube video is gaining attention. Nearly 200,000 people have viewed it so far. He accuses General Motors of being "China Motors," questioning the bailout and what that meant for taxpayers.

Auto analyst Mike Wall of IHS, an automotive
cheap ray bans forecasting firm, says vehicle sales in China
cheap ray ban outlet will double in 10 years, making it the biggest car market in the world. But disagrees jobs are going overseas.

Mike Wall: It isn’t building cars in China and exporting them to the US. It’s not
discount ray bans happening. They’re building vehicles here, for purchase here, expanding here, are they expanding at the

same clip they are in China. government bailout money to build its manufacturing footprint in China.

Rick Mansmann/Chevy owner: We’re losing jobs here, outsourcing jobs, there’s no doubt.

GM says it has a global policy of "build where they sell." They believe it lowers the cost for the customer.

Bryan Conklin: It’s funny my Camaro was made in Canada.

Bryan Conklin says he understands globalization is a realty whether people like it or not.

Bryan Conklin: Ultimately you have to go where the cost of production is cheapest. So if Canada is where it was
replica ray ban sunglasses at for the Camaro, then so be it.Articles Connexes:


Postdoctoral Position at the University of
cheap ray ban outlet Alberta Deadline
discount ray bans May 1

A postdoctoral position is now available
fake ray bans with Dr. Erik Rosolowsky at the University of Alberta with an emphasis on star formation, the interstellar medium, or nearby galaxies. The successful applicant will develop collaborative projects within these broad domains, subject to applicant background and mutual research interests.

The two year position offers a $47k annual salary and $5k/year in travel funding, along with health benefits, computing and publication support, and a relocation allowance. Start dates
discount ray bans are negotiable. The position has a nominal start date of September 1, 2013, subject to negotiation.

All postdocs will be encouraged to pursue their ongoing research efforts, collaborate with members of the astrophysics group, and develop new projects. The U. of Alberta physics department also includes groups researching cosmology, gravity, plasma, space, and particle physics.

The University of Alberta hires on the basis of merit. We are committed to the principle of equity in employment. We welcome diversity and encourage applications from all qualified women and men, including persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and Aboriginal persons.Articles Connexes:


Top 7 Ways to Help Sell Your Home

In a slower real estate market, sellers cannot afford to ignore any part of the marketing process. Price, preparation, and presentation must be excellent in order to attract a buyer. The price must be set realistically. Preparation should include fresh paint, de cluttering, updated floor materials, and no glaring repair needs. And, presentation should be meticulous, with drapes open, lights on, lawn mowed, and interior cleaned. Showing your home is the final step in winning the heart of a buyer. When a buyer calls for a showing, he or she already has an interest in your neighborhood and may have viewed your home on line. They are willing to invest time to visit your home. It is worth the effort to make each showing one that will be remembered. Here are some questions to consider:

If possible, schedule showings in the same way that is used by a majority of the homes in your area. This may be by special appointment or by a lockbox system. Remember that this will be the buyer’s first contact with
replica Michael Kors outlet your home, and it should set a positive tone. Make the buyer and agent feel welcome. Be as flexible on timing as possible. The buyer may be viewing many homes over a large area.

To allow flexibility, you could wait until they arrive, and then slip out the back door.
Michael Kors outlet You may get a last minute call for a showing. If this happens, start by thanking the agent for the interest, and discuss how to work with the timing.

I can recall instances in which the seller came to the door in a hostile way and demanded to know why we were 30 minutes late. Or, the buyers sensed that they were inconveniencing the seller or
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet their agent by asking to see the house. Many people have a strong reluctance to intrude or bother other people. Remember that the decision to buy a home is emotional response. Don’t turn people off before they come in the door.

Does your home have emotional appeal?

Buyers use all of their senses to experience your home. The buyer is there to make a big decision, and they will be comparison shopping. Their job is to eliminate homes and reduce the list of choices. A dark interior, unpleasant smell, barking dog, or uncomfortable temperature can take the home off the list.

I see this happen all the time. The simple experience of being in the home during the showing is a key indicator of whether the buyer will enjoy living in the home later. Consider the builder’s model home. It very light and fashionably decorated, with soft music and pleasant scents. This sends a message to the buyer that the home has been prepared for him, and he is welcome to enter. People are often sold when they walk in.

Some tips: Take off some screens, open blinds, increase bulb sizes, play some light music, and make
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet sure the temperature is perfect. Be careful that your scents are designer quality. Don’t use plug in scents that remind people of a public bathroom. Create a good mood with natural and lamp light. Use pillows, framed photographs, books, fresh towels and flowers throughout the home. Avoid having the TV on. Be very careful about cat litter boxes or other pet odors.

Sellers often ask if it would be best to show their home furnished or vacant. Of course this depends on how the home is furnished. If your home is dirty, messy, and poorly decorated, you need to stop and assess the situation. It may be possible to move out, and then stage the home with a few pieces of furniture and accessories. There are staging services that can help with this. Generally, some furniture will help to soften the interior and show it in an optimum way. However, I prefer a vacant house over a disaster.

It is important to keep the buyer’s focus on the property, and not on your family. Remove most of your personal collections, family photos, political statements or artistic expressions of yourself. These distract from the important mission that brought the buyer into your home.

The buyer must establish a sense of trust of your home. Messiness and confusion sends a deeper message that the home is not well cared for. It speaks volumes about how maintenance has been handled. You only have a few minutes to communicate that your home is the right one.
replica Michael Kors handbags Make sure the visit to your home is a pleasurable experience that keeps the buyer’s focus where it needs to be.

What would your buyer like to know?

If you were buying this home what would you want to know? Are there parks nearby that you could photograph? Does the school bus stop nearby? Anticipate your buyer’s questions and answer them. New homeowners are choosing a home, a community, and a lifestyle that your home offers.

Some ideas: Survey; floor plan; local parks; shopping; school data; or neighborhood newsletter.

What is the plan for kids and pets?

Children of all ages need to be coached on the showing process. Children should know that an advance call from an agent is required for a showing. This is very important if your children will be home alone. Figure out a plan for them to follow, depending on their age. For example, they may open the door for the agent and buyer, and then go next door during the showing. Discuss what to do if an unexpected person comes to the door asking to see the home. They must not allow entry to anyone who has not made prior arrangements through you.

If you have pet, consider a couple of points. One, pets may be fearful of strangers entering the house. Two, some people are afraid of, or allergic to, animals, and are not happy to encounter them. There will be a variety of people entering your home, including children. If you are unsure of how your pets will react to strangers, be sure to take them out during showings.

I recall a client who panicked at the sight of a small puppy in a home. I found that hard to understand until I realized that I reacted the same way to a ferret that was loose in a house that I was showing. I was ready to jump on the table.

If you have pets at home during showings, communicate this to the agent. Leave written notes in the house on where your pet is located and other special instructions. (Dog in laundry room; Cat must stay indoors)

Is your home safe for visitors?

Remember that showing your home is going to interfere with your day to day life. You will need to prepare for some inconvenience and intrusion into your privacy. Consider the safety of your visitors. There may be seniors as well as small children walking around your home.

Is there a statue or tall lamp that could easily fall if touched? Are there wires at ground level that could trip someone? Are there rugs that tend to slide? Are stair railings safe for small children? Could a visitor be bitten by a bird or other animal? Are the stairs free of small toys? Are traffic patterns open between rooms?

Also consider your own security and privacy. Put away valuable possessions. Do not leave money, guns, jewelry, x rated magazines or any personal items in public view. Do not leave breakable objects where they could be accidentally bumped. Move your medicines to a secure location. Do not leave bleach or poisons in reach of children. Do not leave candles burning when you leave the house.

Generally, it is not a good idea to be present for the showing. Remember that this is not a social visit. Most buyers will feel that they are intruding on your privacy if you are in the house.
cheap Michael Kors They may shorten the
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet time spent in your home. Or, they may not be able to discuss your home as freely as they might have. If it is difficult to leave, you may sit outside or take a short walk.

Sometimes sellers try to offer certain information, and they inadvertently turn the buyer off. It is best not to make assumptions about what the buyer wants. Keep in mind that buyers are there to make a big decision. They need some time to experience your home on several levels.
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet If it passes the first test, there will be time to communicate how many water heaters you have and other facts about the house. I recall one showing in which the sellers actually grilled the buyer on his reaction to every room, and then argued about it. It was a relief to leave.Articles Connexes嚗�

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Calgary pediatrician tells Meika Jordan murder trial injuries sustained

Wounds fatally inflicted on six year old Meika Jordan were the worst beating injuries she ever seen, a pediatrician told court Thursday.

But a defence lawyer challenged the witness contention the injuries were caused
cheap Michael Kors by a beating and suggested his client may have suffered from post partum depression at the time of the girl death.

Pediatrician Dr. Meagan Mahoney testified little Meika was battered head to toe and later had to regain her composure when describing the severity
Michael Kors discounts of injuries she said were willfully inflicted.

looked like she had been beaten up, inflicted injuries all over her body, the Alberta Children Hospital
fake Michael Kors physician told Court of Queen Bench.

had never seen anything like this before and the staff hadn either. said she doubted an initial story on Nov. 14, 2011 that Meika injuries were solely the result of her falling down stairs the previous evening.

She said the swelling of Meika brain would have been neglected for hours or even a day, on top of severe injuries to her liver, pancreas, bowel and burns to a hand.

injuries didn occur immediately prior to her being presented to us, said Mahoney.

The girl father, Spencer Jordan and step mother Marie Magoon, are charged with first degree murder in what the Crown contends was a four day long beating.

Paramedics found the girl at the bottom of stairs at the couple northeast home and she died in hospital the following day.

Mahoney said the girl was beyond medical help, and when she told both biological parents intervention would be futile, they agreed.

Neither parent, including Spencer Jordan, acted unusually under those circumstances,
michael kors handbags outlet she testified.

Magoon lawyer Mitch Stephensen argued there no accurate way to determine how long Meika brain fatally went without oxygen.

Stephensen also suggested all the injuries sustained by Meika could have been caused by a fall down stairs.

And he said it possible his client, Magoon, then suffered from post partum depression.

Prosecutor Susan Pepper said no evidence supports such an explanation, calling it speculative. trial, scheduled for six weeks, continues next Tuesday.

Michael Kors handbag outlet fatally inflicted on six year old Meika Jordan were the worst beating
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet injuries she ever seen, a pediatrician told court Thursday.

But a defence lawyer challenged the witness contention the injuries were caused by a beating and
discount Michael Kors suggested his client may have suffered from post partum depression at the time of the girl death.

Pediatrician Dr. Meagan Mahoney testified little Meika was battered head to toe and later had to regain her composure when describing the severity of injuries she said were willfully inflicted.

looked like she had been beaten up, inflicted injuries all over her body, the Alberta Children Hospital physician told Court of Queen Bench.

had never seen anything like this before and the staff hadn either. said she doubted an initial story on Nov. 14, 2011 that Meika injuries were solely the result of her falling down stairs the previous evening.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


East football programs placed on
cheap Michael Kors handbags probation after altercation

TSSAA letter to Gatlinburg Pittman

As part of the probation
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet which ends on Oct. 8, 2015 each
cheap Michael Kors program will pay a $500 fine and only be subject to additional penalties if they are involved
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet in another altercation in the next calendar year.

According to the report, which was filed after the schools finished a collaborative investigation, Gatlinburg Pittman and Austin East
cheap Michael Kors outlet were each other
discount Michael Kors during the postgame handshake that followed the Highlanders 15 0 victory on Oct. 3.

Some of the insults used by players on both sides included epithets, which raised the
Michael Kors handbag outlet tension in the altercation.

The report states that Austin East identified one particular Gatlinburg Pittman player as being for many of the racial comments. player was later suspended for G P Week 6 win over Grainger. Austin East also suspended a player for a game, but the punishment hasn been completed because the
fake Michael Kors Roadrunners were idle last week. A E visits Pigeon Forge on Friday.

The News Sentinel has decided not to publish the names of the suspended players.

Following the verbal jarring, the report states there was to 60 seconds of physical contact where players from both sides or attempted to strike one another. Principal Benny Perry said on Oct. 9 that he didn believe punches were thrown in the altercation.Articles Connexes:

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considering more military bases in
replica oakleys Iraq

general said on Thursday. troops to Iraq and a new training hub in Anbar province, Army General Martin Dempsey said the Pentagon was considering more sites in strategic areas such as the corridor from Baghdad to Tikrit and further north toward Mosul. troops, which already numbered about 3,100 in Iraq before Wednesday’s announcement. His spokesman said American forces could also be moved from within Iraq to avoid troop increases.

"Our campaign is built upon establishing these ‘lily pads,’ if you will, that allow us to continue to encourage the Iraqi security forces forward," Dempsey told reporters before landing in Naples, Italy. officials say has killed thousands of Islamic State fighters and eroded
fake cheap oakleys their capability. forces in Iraq are a far cry from the
fake oakley sunglasses peak of about 170,000 under President George W. Bush, the newly announced operations mark the first significant adjustment in Obama’s Iraqi strategy in months and follow gains by Islamic State insurgents who control a third each of Iraq and Syria.

Asked about Dempsey’s comments, White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told MSNBC, "if (Obama) gets a recommendation to have another facility like this, he’ll take a hard look at it."

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters there were "no immediate or specific plans" to add new bases in Iraq. spotters alongside Iraqi forces to call in air strikes during a future offensive, but added, "we’re just not there yet."

The possible future training sites, such as the
fake oakleys cheap hub at the Taqaddum military base about 15 miles (25 km) from Ramadi, were
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale "just part of prudent planning," he said.

"It’s very practical (planning), looking at
fake cheap oakleys geographic locations, road networks, airfields, places where we can actually establish these hubs," Dempsey said.

Dempsey did not see another such site in Anbar province soon. "But I could conceive of one potentially somewhere in the
cheap oakleys corridor that runs from Baghdad to Tikrit to Kirkuk and over into Mosul. So we’re looking at that area," Dempsey said.


Dempsey said it would take several weeks to establish the new hub announced on Wednesday at Taqaddum near Ramadi, which fell to Islamic State militants last month.

Taqaddum will require new American defences to detect and guard against incoming rockets and mortars. outpost in Sunni dominated Anbar province, at the Ain al Asad air base.

"Using Taqaddum gives us access to more of the tribes that are willing to stand against ISIL," Dempsey said, using an acronym for Islamic State.

military power in Iraq, said he expected Sunni tribes would represent a "holding force" to control territory seized
fake oakley sunglasses cheap in Anbar and would protect the flanks of the Iraqi security forces as they advance.

He expressed confidence that the latest deployments to Taqaddum would help advance Iraq’s military campaign against Islamic State, but that the real test was whether Iraq’s government could mend a sectarian rift between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


Neon Signs and Shopfront Signs in Ireland

Are you interested in purchasing some shopfront signs? Or perhaps you are searching for neon signage in Ireland? Shopfront signs can be very beneficial to businesses and companies. All large companies, business and stores have shopfront signs out in front of their buildings. These signs often resemble the business. For instance, a computer company might have a shopfront sign that has a computer, keyboard or mouse on it. The logo can help describe the business and help customer understand the business. The customer might not have known that the business was a computer business without the logon on the sign in front of the business building.

It is also very
cheap replica oakleys important for businesses to
fake oakley sunglasses cheap build a presence and following. One way to do this is by using logos and symbols that people will be
fake oakleys able to remember when thinking of your business. You will want these logos and symbols to be placed on shopfront signs. Then you
fake oakleys will place these signs in front of your business. This will help people remember your business thanks to the unique shopfront sign that can be found in front of your store. This is one way that big companies can build a presence. They use their logo everywhere including on their building, company
replica oakleys neons, websites, promotional items and even on paperwork that they use for their business.

It is also very common for business to use shopfront signs like they would use neon signage in Ireland. Shopfront signs are very similar to neon signage since they are basically logos
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale that are place on company owned neons. Neon signage in Ireland is a great way to advertise your business. Having your company logo and name on your company neons is very beneficial. Every time I go out somewhere I see a van or neon with a company logo on it. Sometimes, the neon will also have the company phone number and address printed on the side. This is a great form of advertisement.

Neon signage in Ireland is becoming more and more popular for a number of different
oakley sunglasses replica reasons. Neon signage in Ireland is being used by many companies as a way to spread their image to others. As people see your company logo and name plastered on the side of neons, they will become more and more familiar with it. This will stick in their mind and possibly help you make a sale sometime in the future. For instance, let say somebody saw a logo on a neon a heating and air conditioning company. When they arrive home, their heating and air conditioning equipment is malfunctioning. They remember your company name and logo and there a possibility that they look up your company phone number and give it is a call.

Those who are interested in neon signage in Ireland should consider Dynasigns. This company has created many signs
oakley sunglasses discount for large companies. It is possible to check their recent projects by visiting the company website. This company is capable of providing you with shop front signs and neon signage. The company can also help design you a logo for your business that can be used for store front signs and neon signs. Dynasigns has been in business in 2001 and has completed many successful projects during the course of many years.

Resource Box

Are you looking to purchase Shopfront Signs? You should check out Dynasigns which is a company that provides Neon Signage in Ireland. This company will design you effective and dynamic signs.Articles Connexes:

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How Do You Make a Sale

As a home based business owner, you are your own strategic planner, accountant, marketing expert, and ugh the company salesperson. One basic business truth is that you have to sell if you want to stay in business. If you run your business solo, you have no choice but to do the selling yourself.

Many home business owners dread the
fake cheap oakleys thought of going out or talking to people selling their products or services. They don feel confident enough, or fear the thought of someone banging
cheap oakleys the phone on them or closing the door on their faces. Valid concerns, of course, but a business owner must overcome these fears and turn these negative thoughts to something positive. As your business grows, you will have less time soliciting new business, as your time will be occupied with servicing your existing client base.

Whether you are cold calling a potential client or making a person to person presentation, here are some tips to make sure that you close the deal:

1. Know your product or service.

You must not only have ability to articulate what your business does, but you need to understand how your business can help the customer. Before making your sales pitch, sit down for a moment, get a sheet of paper, and prepare what I call the Approach. On the first column, write down all the benefits your product or service can bring. Next to each benefit on the second column, list down the customer needs or problems that it solves. In the third column, enumerate all the possible questions you will ask your potential customer to determine if the problem existed. If you speak from a list of prepared questions, you will have more confidence in your presentation, and will help you direct the conversation in a fairly organized manner.

This strategy will prepare you for all possible scenarios that you may encounter when making a sales call. By thinking through every possibility, you will be better prepared in determining how best to approach a client and handling objections.

2. Practice your presentation well.

You may have a great product that the customer needs, but if you fumble in your presentation, chances are that account will slip past through your fingers. In the same way when making a speech,
oakleys sunglasses prepare your script and practice presenting your piece out loud in front of the mirror. Whether you like it or not, people will judge you with the way you look and first impressions can make or break a sale. If you are a financial consultant, for example, you should look conservative and project the image of a successful person who knows how to manage finances. A web designer can look hip and cool. calling cards, testimonials, etc.) that will bolster your sales pitch.

cheap fake oakley sunglasses Create the Need.

After introducing your business to your prospect, the next step should be to determine if there is a fit between your service and his or her needs. You can achieve this with probing questions to learn more about what your prospect wants and how you can fulfill his or her business needs.

If you are selling merchant services such as credit card processing, you need to ask your potential client if they concerned with their merchant rates with numerous built in fees, and would like to learn ways they could save money. You need to get them to talk about their experience with their current product or service provider (if any) and what they are looking for whether they want lower rates, lesser charges, fast response, cheaper equipment rental or lease, etc. This way, you find out the concerns of your prospect rather than simply telling him or her all about your product and how wonderful it is.

People appreciate it when you listen to them. Understand what they are saying then ask relevant follow up questions, whether you are clarifying something or simply acknowledging their statements. Remember: your ability to close a sale will greatly depend on your skill to make your prospect feel that you have the product or service which is designed for
fake cheap oakleys his sole benefit.

4. Think of your objection handling strategy.

You need to thank your lucky stars if your prospects buy your product or service without any questions asked. More likely, people will give you reasons why they shouldn buy from you, if not try all tactics in the book to get rid of you quickly. But remember this. Prospective customers say as automatic mechanism to get rid of the salesman. Their objections are spur of the moment questions. As part of your preparation, you need to think as many possible objections your prospect may have, then have ready answers to counter these objections.

In our merchant account provider example above, be ready to discuss about hidden charges and rates if the prospect counters that they already have a low discount rate. He or she may enjoy a low rate of 1.6% rate for every credit card payment transaction their business accepts, but a host of different charges from telecommunication fees, bank statement fees, and others may be levied on their account without them understanding it. To get the business, you need to be able to inform the prospect about the cost structure, and then offer ways to save them money.

5. Review what went right or wrong after your sales calls.

Sales is a continuous process. And every prospect you face or call is different. After every sales call or presentation, think about the things that went right or wrong. What techniques did you use to finally convince the prospect to accept your offer? How did you present your business? How did you get the customer to talk about his or her business needs? What are the needs of the customer that you need to bear in mind when servicing the account? Incorporate all the positive things that you did to your next presentation in order to improve your sales technique.

If the sales call or meeting was a failure,
cheap oakley sunglasses then ask yourself why. Were you trying to penetrate a 3 feet thick wall that you didn stand a chance right from the very beginning? Did you talk too much? Or, too little? Why weren you able to communicate how your business can help him or
fake oakley wholesale her? Honestly accept your mistakes and strive to avoid them in the future. Think of ways how you can improve your sales presentation maybe you need to dress better, or maybe you need to improve your objection handling techniques, among other things.

6. Learn to accept for an answer.

The fear of rejection strikes in the heart of most people. A lot of people freeze at the mere thought of presenting their business to a prospect only to be told, we not interested. One fact of life is that not everyone will be interested in what your business offers, even if you think it is the greatest product in the world. Some may be very satisfied with their current service provider or product; while others do not see its need. The key is not to take rejection personally; and just proceed to the next call. The more sales calls you make, the higher your success rate will be. As the Nike ad says, do
cheap oakley sunglasses it. you are ready to get that sale, take a deep breath and relax. As long as you are prepared and understand what you are doing, you will do just fine.Articles Connexes:

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I don’t care if it’s fake because it’s a damn fine watch.