Emily Jenkins: What’s your name?
Karynne Renn: Not Kary-anne 😉

EJ: How old are you?
KR: 30

EJ: What is your astrological sign?
KR: Why oh why does it have to be named after a disease…

EJ: What’s your favourite colour?
KR: Black

EJ: What is your favourite animal?
KR: Cats, duh

EJ: When did you start doing hair?
KR: In the year 2000…

EJ: What made you become a hairstylist?
KR: I was always into fashion and shit, and hair just grew on
me, so there ya go.

EJ:What is your style?
KR: My style!

EJ: What is the most craziest thing you’ve done?
KR: Well, the latest would have to be opening a buisness in the middle of a recession.

EJ: Favourite movie?
KR: Xanadu. Who doesn’t love a magical mural that comes alive?!