Emily Jenkins: What’s your name?
Karynne Renn: Not Kary-anne 😉

EJ: How old are you?
KR: 30

EJ: What is your astrological sign?
KR: Why oh why does it have to be named after a disease…

EJ: What’s your favourite colour?
KR: Black

EJ: What is your favourite animal?
KR: Cats, duh

EJ: When did you start doing hair?
KR: In the year 2000…

EJ: What made you become a hairstylist?
KR: I was always into fashion and shit, and hair just grew on
me, so there ya go.

EJ:What is your style?
KR: My style!

EJ: What is the most craziest thing you’ve done?
KR: Well, the latest would have to be opening a buisness in the middle of a recession.

EJ: Favourite movie?
KR: Xanadu. Who doesn’t love a magical mural that comes alive?!



Number one.



A special thank you shout out to everyone who made Bangs come alive.



Karynne Renn: If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?
Andie Maddalozzo: Flying would be pretty wicked because then I’d never have to wait in a long line just to be seated next to a screaming baby or a bad breathe riddled douchebag on a plane ever again.
But I would like to kill with my mind too…. jeez, these are tough Karynne!

KR: Who’s hair (living, dead, or fictional) would you love to do?
AM: Randy Marsh’s

KR: Walrus or seal?
AM: Walrus, I saw one play a sax once. Also seals have a serious case of the smug……. assholes.

KR: What is your favourite movie?
AM:That’s a toss up depending on my mood, either Pootie Tang, Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, or The Untouchables.
So I guess that would make The Texas Chainsaw Massacre my favourite movie of all time.

KR: What fad do you wish would come back?
AM: I thought the question asked what food I wish would come back, in that case it would be ambrosia salad.
As for fads, Duck sweatshirts and Club Monaco sweatshirts are 2 things I still constantly refer to.

KR: When was your first trip on an airplane and where was it to?
AM: 8 years old, Disneyland, bitch! Was I 8?

KR: Do you believe in aliens?
AM: No, I believe in me.

KR: What has been your most victorious moment?
AM: Generally, I prefer to lose rather than listen to someone else bitching about losing, but there was that time I liberated something or something like that?

KR: If you weren’t a stylist, what would you have been?
AM: Realistically: an accountant
In a perfect dream world: an assassin.

KR: What’s the one thing people should know about you?
AM: That they should never congratulate me because it’s not pregnancy, it’s I.B.S.


Here is our first instalment of the Bangs interview series.  The rules are simple, each stylist prepares 10 hard hitting questions, then randomly draws another stylist name to answer them.  This could be some of the best journalism since anything Maury Povich  ever did.


Andie Maddalozzo: So what makes you so goddamn special?
Sandra Lo: my mom sez so.

AM: Were you ever cool? If so, what song best describes how cool you were?
SL: One time when I was young, I rebelled and wouldn’t wear a jacket. A World Of Regret.

AM: Tell me one embarrassing thing about yourself?
SL: One time at a staff party someone took a picture of me drinking beer out of Shane’s mouth. I was on facebook for 6 months before I realized what that meant. Ouch.

AM: What is your favourite t.v. show?
SL: Models Inc.

AM: Favourite movie?
SL: 37 Chambers of Shaolin.

AM: Are you a leg man, or a breast man?
SL: Leg, white meat be dry.

AM: Who would you be most excited to attend a public stoning of?
SL: Harper could use a couple of tokes off a serious bong.

AM: Can you swim?
SL:I’m more of a sinker.

AM: Want to go swimming?
SL: Let me get my water wings!

AM: If you were any natural disaster what would you be and why?
SL: Tsunami. It’s the spittle. And Asian.


“Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts”

-Jim Morrison



Need a quick up-do for this year’s Christmas party? No time to come in and get your girl to throw up something fast and fresh? I highly recommend the milkmaid braid, anyone can do it and Style.com has made a tip sheet for you. The best thing about it is, the messier the braid, the better it looks. You will be “pruning” for the camera in no time! As Tim Gunn says, “Make it work people.” If you can’t, come in and we will show you.



“I’m not thinking to cut my beard, because I’m accustomed to my beard and my beard means many things to my country. When we have fulfilled our promise of good government I will cut my beard.”

–Castro in 1959, interview with CBS’s Edward Murrow, 30 days after revolution.

Photo cred here


The first in a series of old chestnuts.  Sometimes the Bangs Gang gather together, each of us with a mug of hot chocolate, and think back to all those wacky inventions.  Warms the cockles I tells ya.