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Here is our first instalment of the Bangs interview series.  The rules are simple, each stylist prepares 10 hard hitting questions, then randomly draws another stylist name to answer them.  This could be some of the best journalism since anything Maury Povich  ever did.


Andie Maddalozzo: So what makes you so goddamn special?
Sandra Lo: my mom sez so.

AM: Were you ever cool? If so, what song best describes how cool you were?
SL: One time when I was young, I rebelled and wouldn’t wear a jacket. A World Of Regret.

AM: Tell me one embarrassing thing about yourself?
SL: One time at a staff party someone took a picture of me drinking beer out of Shane’s mouth. I was on facebook for 6 months before I realized what that meant. Ouch.

AM: What is your favourite t.v. show?
SL: Models Inc.

AM: Favourite movie?
SL: 37 Chambers of Shaolin.

AM: Are you a leg man, or a breast man?
SL: Leg, white meat be dry.

AM: Who would you be most excited to attend a public stoning of?
SL: Harper could use a couple of tokes off a serious bong.

AM: Can you swim?
SL:I’m more of a sinker.

AM: Want to go swimming?
SL: Let me get my water wings!

AM: If you were any natural disaster what would you be and why?
SL: Tsunami. It’s the spittle. And Asian.


“Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts”

-Jim Morrison


Why is it in this land they call Vegas, people pose with the peace sign?  Like an involuntary reaction or something.  Even in the last photo, I myself fell victim to it, never before have I flashed the peace sign when photographed. What the effin eff, Vegas, what the effin eff!?


Today we like A Lesser Panda, because it is good.  Do you want it?, well you can come buy a copy right here at Bangs!!!  Holy one stop shopping!  If you are one of those computer types, you can also download it off i-tunes…..  YAY! The future!!!!!

Why don’t you go ahead and check it out, JUST DO IT!!!!!!




Well this guy sure does. Take your pick on which one I’m talking about..dscn0045

Check out his brand new blog dedicated to the sauce  here
It is an instant favourite amongst the Bangs gals, but we are totally into that cutting edge avant-garde shit, you know?


This guy already has an, I don’t know, Jaques Cousteau or guy who knows every bark and berry that is edible in the wild kind of vibe, and that is stylin’ enough.  But then he threw a dwarf cat on a string on his shoulder and he blew my mind. The end.






Now don’t get me wrong, I love the U.S.A., just not as much as this guy.


Remember this?

It’s only one of the greatest achievements of modern cinema, you’re welcome.

Happy Wednesday to us all.



Don’t let the title of this post fool you.  This in no way will be a daily occurrence, but when someone has something this important to say in their mugshot, I will honour it with a post, fo sho.

And sorry Ms. White, but of the thousands of photos we took this turned out to be the favourite.