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Joe came in and it finally happened.
He asked me for the Bieber.
No one is safe, no one.
Although, I must say he looks pretty fucking magnificent!


I think my mom will enjoy this more than flowers.


So, true story, I was looking up a horror movie synopsis on the ol’ internet machine, and the website suggested other things I might be interested in looking up. Here they are:

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There is nothing more to say.


Look, even the Ape of Death, ruler of Monkey Hell has to sing a happy tune when he has a good hair day.


Remember Queesnryche? And what better way to do it than with a video montage to Silent Lucidity.


So you saw my bronze and silver medalists for best hair of the 2010 games, now we go for gold!
I know, you’re all like ‘how can you possibly top hockey lady dude and russian HeMan folksinger dude?’
Well, you do it with this:
Johnny Weir Fur Figure Skating
Now the Olympics are all together a complete shitshow, full of the blandest looking participants the world has to offer, and attracting fans of that ilk as well. Over the past month, our city streets have been littered with some pretty hideous specimens, those who believe that wearing logo hoodies and mittens is a good idea when it should be seen as a terrible fate one hopes to not have the misfortune of suffering.
So thank cupcake for Johnny Weir, the only man who brought any personality at all to these games. He should have won the Olympics, all of them, he should be Mr. Olympia. Oh yeah, and I saw him skate, he was way better than any of those dong bags that came ahead of him. And he wears fur… sometimes. I love fur!! I live in Canada, I would always rather wear fur than go naked, any day of the week, man!


As voted by me, Andie.

Bronze goes to is this canadian hockey lady here.

Silver would be this Russian(?) figure skater dude who looks like the love child of HeMan and John Denver. Hmmm, I bet they’d make a really good parental unit those two. Stern but fair, you know?

Stay tuned to see my overall style winner of the games, the one I think deserves to win every gold, for every event, ever created.


Last Saturday marked our one year anniversary. So we celebrated with a jig, I think?


This will definitely be the new Bangs uniform.
You know what the best part is? That the unique design will still allow us to drink tea, and even read!!! I no longer fear the future.



Hey everybody!!!!

In anticipation of the financial burden we all will have to bare for years to come due to the wallet rape we are bound to suffer (in order to pay for this shitshow they call the olympics) we at Bangs are offering you a break for a day, YAY!!

Come by between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on Sunday, February 14th, or call ahead to make an appointment, and you can get a cut and/or style simply by donating to the Mount Pleasant Pool. It’s cheap and easy, tell all your hobo friends!!