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And the rest is just genetics, sorry bro.



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So instead of sending you all on a youtube hunt when you leave the salon, we decided to post our favourite online how to video right here…. duh!  Only took about a year to figure that out.  This is for heat free dolly curls in under 5 minutes using just three socks!  WHAT!?  It comes from YaYaLifestyle the girl is a damn genius.


This past August, Sandra went galavanting off to New York and spent 2 days in a colour course at Bumble and Bumble.  Here she demonstrates the natural ombre technique she learned there, because not everyone wants the gutter skank Barrymore version.  I know!  Apparently some people are “subtle”  or “not trashy”!  Huh.

The lovely Nicole before....

The lovely Nicole before....

The uber-babealicoius after shot!

The uber-babealicoius after shot!


Sometimes even the bangs gang likes to take a break from being the trend setters we are and get in on nation sweeping crazes.  So today, we plank!



We were lucky enough to be involved in a pretty rad fashion show this past weekend.  Christine Dale and Monica Berg put on the fabulous “Anthology”  at Guilt and Co. on Sunday and lucky Bangs got to do the hair.   Damn, I love it when I get to bust out the braids!





I like the cut of his jib, I like the cut of his hair more.  Say, if anyone comes in and asks me (Andie) for this haircut in the month of May, I will give you 30% off.  Dare you!?



Look, we even have our own Price Is Right type gorgeous ladies to showcase them for y’all!! Our latest design is by Heidi McGinn, and they are very limited edition, so come on down and grab one soon, lest they be gone forever.


Well, here at Bangs, there is always business as usual, sure.  BUT we are also working on bringing more magic to the world every chance we can, that is why we are revealing our plans to construct a centaur outfit out of weaves!  So far we have done more on the nothing side of this, but the idea is there!! And shit’s a brewing, let me tell you!

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Thank you to Awkward Family Photos for this gem!!