So you saw my bronze and silver medalists for best hair of the 2010 games, now we go for gold!
I know, you’re all like ‘how can you possibly top hockey lady dude and russian HeMan folksinger dude?’
Well, you do it with this:
Johnny Weir Fur Figure Skating
Now the Olympics are all together a complete shitshow, full of the blandest looking participants the world has to offer, and attracting fans of that ilk as well. Over the past month, our city streets have been littered with some pretty hideous specimens, those who believe that wearing logo hoodies and mittens is a good idea when it should be seen as a terrible fate one hopes to not have the misfortune of suffering.
So thank cupcake for Johnny Weir, the only man who brought any personality at all to these games. He should have won the Olympics, all of them, he should be Mr. Olympia. Oh yeah, and I saw him skate, he was way better than any of those dong bags that came ahead of him. And he wears fur… sometimes. I love fur!! I live in Canada, I would always rather wear fur than go naked, any day of the week, man!