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Trying to book with Preston and can’t?

Well, here’s the deal:

Preston will back working with the crew from Mine Salon, now called Union Salon. He will be starting on February 19th and any appointments booked past that date will be transferred there. Please call Union Salon, located at 3149 Granville st, at 604-732-8282 with any questions!



Ooops, better to tell y’all late than never.  We closed yesterday and will reopen on December 31st, in case any of you need to get your party hair on.  Or else it will be business as usual starting up  on January 2nd.  Actually i will probably be much better than usual, we’ll all be well rested, and maybe even pleasant!  Try and stop by before that wears off!!


On so many fronts! First, we got our new website, and we LOVES it yay!!!!!
Somehow, we lost a page of blog in the shuffle, so Deanna’s and my hair growing challenge is no longer documented. Although the other technical difficulty this month has bee having gross ass hair on our heads, so we broke down, 6 months in, and we trimmed :( We are still growing though… for now….
Here are a couple pictures I was able to find of our progress thus far:

Month three

Month four