As I wait with breathless anticipation for Andie’s verdict for Gold Metal Hair i just want to show you a little taste of some kung fu can do for your locks

Yes that lady is towing a car with her braided ponytail. It may interest you to know that she is in fact towing EIGHT cars and pulled them all along for 20 meters with her hair. And then right afterwards she shaved it all off so she could become a buddist nun.

Maybe it was the kung fu, maybe it was the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hair Serum? On sale now at Bangs!



Via O Hell Nawl. This link may blow your mind.

“People… this is how we are bringing in the celebration of easter? This is what’s hot in the hooood?? This is what makes the world work? This is that boolshyt right here.

Unsavoury, hot buttery, section 8, need a role model-ass, where the fugg they do that at, coonariffic boolshyt.”

End quote.


(please don’t let it end)

The Catorialtist

The in joke here of course is the play on the amazing blog The Sartorialist. Rad.



This NYTimes article is talking up the idea that grey hair is all about heredity and not stress, but I don’t buy it. There is a link between health and wellness and yer folicles, I see it first hand. I get peeps who are doing more than they can and getting by and then when the tough period is over their hair goes back to their natural, I’m just saying. I totes agree that peeps go grey when their family goes grey but sometimes we let stress help it along, ya dig?


For passing the health care bill. Let’s celebrate with a hair sculpture of you:

More WTF here.


As voted by me, Andie.

Bronze goes to is this canadian hockey lady here.

Silver would be this Russian(?) figure skater dude who looks like the love child of HeMan and John Denver. Hmmm, I bet they’d make a really good parental unit those two. Stern but fair, you know?

Stay tuned to see my overall style winner of the games, the one I think deserves to win every gold, for every event, ever created.


Last Saturday marked our one year anniversary. So we celebrated with a jig, I think?


This will definitely be the new Bangs uniform.
You know what the best part is? That the unique design will still allow us to drink tea, and even read!!! I no longer fear the future.


“Don’t Kanye me or I will Chris Brown you and Tiger Woods your mom”



Hey everybody!!!!

In anticipation of the financial burden we all will have to bare for years to come due to the wallet rape we are bound to suffer (in order to pay for this shitshow they call the olympics) we at Bangs are offering you a break for a day, YAY!!

Come by between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm on Sunday, February 14th, or call ahead to make an appointment, and you can get a cut and/or style simply by donating to the Mount Pleasant Pool. It’s cheap and easy, tell all your hobo friends!!