On so many fronts! First, we got our new website, and we LOVES it yay!!!!!
Somehow, we lost a page of blog in the shuffle, so Deanna’s and my hair growing challenge is no longer documented. Although the other technical difficulty this month has bee having gross ass hair on our heads, so we broke down, 6 months in, and we trimmed :( We are still growing though… for now….
Here are a couple pictures I was able to find of our progress thus far:

Month three

Month four



Here’s the challenge, Deanna and I (Andie) will not be cutting our hair for two years. Shit is gonna get ugly. Shit is gonna get weird. Here we are at the end of month one, also at the end of a good old 9 hour workday, greasy, gnarly and grisly at only one month in. If you don’t think we are going to make it, come by the shop and put a fiver on it!! If the date you pick is closest to us breaking down, you get half the money in the pool, we will donate the other half to a charity. IF we make it the whole time, screw you guys, we are keeping your money!


Don’t know, don’t care, shut up yo face and enjoy, s’il vous plait!!




I stole this from one of my favourite blogs, check out Vintage Sonia on tumblr!!


And the rest is just genetics, sorry bro.



Thank you poorlydressed.com



So instead of sending you all on a youtube hunt when you leave the salon, we decided to post our favourite online how to video right here…. duh!  Only took about a year to figure that out.  This is for heat free dolly curls in under 5 minutes using just three socks!  WHAT!?  It comes from YaYaLifestyle the girl is a damn genius.


This past August, Sandra went galavanting off to New York and spent 2 days in a colour course at Bumble and Bumble.  Here she demonstrates the natural ombre technique she learned there, because not everyone wants the gutter skank Barrymore version.  I know!  Apparently some people are “subtle”  or “not trashy”!  Huh.

The lovely Nicole before....

The lovely Nicole before....

The uber-babealicoius after shot!

The uber-babealicoius after shot!


Sometimes even the bangs gang likes to take a break from being the trend setters we are and get in on nation sweeping crazes.  So today, we plank!



Look at what Andie and Sandra done did. Actually you will have to read about it. And they don’t really talk about the hair that we did but we did work on a successful fashion show and people who write stuff noticed.