This should help make up for my last post, let Mr T make things right and remember, “be somebody!”

Stay cool Jeff!


Why am I posting this? I should not encourage this kind of behavior


Micheal Cera made over by Jersey Shore’s Pauly D, complete with Ed Hardy douche tee.


This guy is in love with his hair, and who wouldn’t be?

Access his channel here and see his hair in action, in a bun, in a braid, hanging out on the couch! Don’t miss the holiday edition of his hair called, “My long hair in the snow”


If you haven’t already seen this you are in for a real treat, this gal is a real ham

If you haven’t seen her chola make-up tutorial you must click here



“I am free of all prejudices. I hate every one equally.”

-W.C. Fields



Number two.



From the shadows comes….. (inside head whisper this name)….. David Carter.
Why is he client du jour? Because he said ‘Look at me behind these curtains’
Yup, that’s all it takes people.



Emily Jenkins: What’s your name?
Karynne Renn: Not Kary-anne 😉

EJ: How old are you?
KR: 30

EJ: What is your astrological sign?
KR: Why oh why does it have to be named after a disease…

EJ: What’s your favourite colour?
KR: Black

EJ: What is your favourite animal?
KR: Cats, duh

EJ: When did you start doing hair?
KR: In the year 2000…

EJ: What made you become a hairstylist?
KR: I was always into fashion and shit, and hair just grew on
me, so there ya go.

EJ:What is your style?
KR: My style!

EJ: What is the most craziest thing you’ve done?
KR: Well, the latest would have to be opening a buisness in the middle of a recession.

EJ: Favourite movie?
KR: Xanadu. Who doesn’t love a magical mural that comes alive?!